Programs Manager

Job Title: Programs Manager Reports To: Director and Senior Programs Manager Position Type: Full-Time  Job Location: Istanbul, Turkey Starting date: 1 March 2021

About ARDI

Atlas Relief and Development International (ARDI) is an international development organization working to support and strengthen civil society in conflict zones by providing the knowledge, skills and resources for civilians to actively shape and participate in a peaceful and democratic future. ARDI specializes in supporting civilians affected by the conflict in Syria. The organization conducts programming within Syria, Turkey and Europe. The organization focuses on a wide variety of development and social impact projects focusing on women’s empowerment, capacity building and training, technical research, in-depth surveys, CVE and the amplification of diverse and minority voices.


ARDI was founded in 2016 and works directly with major government donors. It is a small and growing organization. We seek to expand our team with a professional who can help the organization maximize the productivity and execution of our small team. ARDI has a strong track-record of impactful programming, but still has a building-the-plane-as-we-fly-it culture. The ideal person for this position is an excellent communicator with a strong ability for empathy and motivating others. They will also be an excellent people manager with wide networks among Syrian and Turkish populations in Turkey.

Position Summary
Program Management
Team Management
Operational Management
Networking and Representing ARDI

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