Resources for Migrants & Refugees

ARDI understands that relocating to a new country and new community can be incredibly daunting and challenging, while at the same time providing a new sense of security and hope for the future. To help make migrants and refugees’ transition easier, ARDI has developed a resource list for Syrians who are new to Dresden, Germany.

The following list of recommended Dresden-based grocery stores, restaurants, and health providers have all be selected because they feature familiar Syrian and Middle Eastern foods and products, and provide Arabic-speaking medical staff who will provide friendly, supportive assistance with and understanding of Syrian culture and social norms

Syrian / Middle Eastern Grocery Stores

Aleppo Arab Shop (Halab Arabische Laden)

Jasmina - Orientalische Lebensmittel

SETA Market

AL-WAHA Supermark

Oriental Market

Bagdad-Bazar (Baghdad Market)

Al-Namrud Super Market

1001 Nacht-Orientalische Spezialitäten

Syrian / Middle Eastern Restaurants and Cafés

Ali Baba Restaurant

Habibi Café & Restaurant

Sindbad Restaurant

Diwan Restaurant

Damaskus Restaurant

Restaurant Sherazade

Falafel Bistro

Planet Bistro

Arabic-Speaking Dentists

Melanchthonstraße 7, 01099 Dresden
Tel. 0351 8014437

Mokritzerstraße 6, 01219 Dresden
Tel. 0351 4718511

Bautzner Landstraße 17, 01324 Dresden
Tel. 0351 2683451

Am Schießhaus 3, 01067 Dresden
Tel. 0351 47025084

Schilfteichstraße 5, 01219 Dresden
Tel. 0351 2812048

Arabic-Speaking Speciality Doctors

HNO, Specialized in Ear, Nose, and Throat 

Arnoldstr. 18 C, 01037 Dresden | Tel. 0351 4423917

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Pulmonology
Gautschweg 1A, 01309 Dresden | Tel. 0351 3142730

Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology
Nassauweg 7 , 01662 Meißen | Tel. 03521 7430

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