Atlas Relief and Development International (ARDI), which translates into ‘homeland’ in Arabic, is an international development organization, registered in Turkey, the United States, and Germany. ARDI works in areas affected by conflict, instability, and war to provide on-the-ground relief, development, and social impact services, including training and capacity development. 

Since its foundation in 2015, ARDI has established itself as an experienced development organization and a trustworthy project partner of international promoters and local associations. Previously working in Syria under another name since 2012,  ARDI has 8 years of implementation experience working across Syria. This includes programming in Idlib, Aleppo, Hama, Homs, Latakia, Hassakeh, Raqqa, Deir-Ezzor, and Damascus and has implemented programs with many European and North American governments. In addition to major international development firms.  

ARDI collaborates closely with local partners to design and co-implement flexible, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to complex challenges in conflict-affected and remote areas and to diverse populations. Our multicultural team is comprised of international development professionals and issue-area experts who possess extensive experience working in a broad range of technical areas, including needs assessments, capacity development, NGO management, monitoring and evaluation, data collection and analysis, and technical field research across a broad range of focus areas.


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