ARDI Expertise

Capacitating and empowering local civil society organizations working across Syria, including conflict-affected and remote areas, to enable them to design and implement meaningful, high quality, and impactful social impact projects that effectively address the localized needs, challenges, and goals of Syrian civilians;

Conducting technical field research on targeted issue areas and populations to better understand their realities, needs, challenges, and goals;

Facilitating the coordination and cooperation among civil society organizations, as well as furthering coordination and collaboration between civil society organizations and local governance councils to collectively address local challenges and achieve goals;

Engaging internally displaced persons (IDPs) who are currently in the northwestern and northeastern parts of Syria in all interventions with the focus on enhancing co-existence between local and IDP communities; and

 Supporting refugees who are displaced and living in Europe, particularly those hosted by Germany, to enhance integration within their local communities, amplify their voices across the social and political spheres, and strengthen coordination among local actors to ensure their needs and goals are addressed

Small Grants Provision
Capacity Building for Local Leaders and Organizations
Empowerment of Women and Youth
Technical Research and Surveys
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