With extensive expertise in capacity building, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation, gender integration, and social inclusion, ARDI is dedicated to enhancing the capacities of civil leaders, women, youth, ethnic and religious minorities, and civil society organizations in order to enable them to reach locally contextualized goals that increase their communities’ well being, resilience, security, and empowerment. We are experienced in empowering a diverse range of Syrian civilians and communities within Syria to ensure their genuine voices are amplified, they are capacitated to locally address their most pressing and self-identified needs and challenges, and they are equipped to take on leadership roles within the civil society and political spheres. ARDI places special emphasis on working diligently towards the goal of ensuring that women, marginalized groups, and minorities are inclusively represented at all levels and that gatekeepers to social and political opportunities understand and act on the importance of gender equality and women’s empowerment.

To strengthen the effectiveness of our efforts, ARDI routinely identifies, examines, and addresses conflict-related risks, gender, and social inclusion-related gaps and disparities, societal and political barriers, and potentially harmful social attitudes that could impact project outcomes in order to ensure strict accountability, transparency, and security across all levels of programming throughout the life course of the project. Across all of our highly contextualized, adaptable, and cost-effective methods, we apply of the Do-No-Harm principle to ensure our efforts do not cause any unintended negative consequences to specific any individual or group.  Our approach is highly focused on local capacity building and extensive knowledge transfer to ensure country ownership, institutionalization and sustainability.

ARDI is passionate about working locally using an integrated, multi-sectoral, equity-focused and gender-responsive approach that links efforts cross the civil society, political sphere, educational space, security sector,  and social environment to achieve improved and sustainable outcomes that enhance community resilience, justice, quality of life, and social engagement. ARDI understands that our efforts cannot be successful without involving diverse local voices and perspectives. Hence, we work closely with diverse local partners – the voices and gatekeepers of their communities – across many sectors to ensure local input, leadership, and ownership of all activities that aim to increase sustainability and meaningful positive impact at all levels.

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