HAYAT Community Network Meeting #3

RE: HAYAT Community Network Meeting #3: Reflecting on HAYAT Syrian Women’s Collective-Led Initiatives and Discussing Local Drivers of Social Insecurities Among Syrian Communities in Istanbul, Turkey

Dear Invited Guest,

Atlas Relief and Development International (ARDI) and the HAYAT Syrian Women’s Collective (HAYAT) are very pleased to invite you to our third Community Network Meeting hosted by ARDI and HAYAT in Istanbul, Turkey and online cvia Zoom on March 8th, 2022 from 11:30 am - 15:30 pm  IST | 10:30 am -14:30 pm CET | 4:30 am - 7:30 am EST. As this event will be hosted on International Women’s Day, March 8th, and we are excited to showcase the inspiring efforts and achievements of the 15 Syrian women who form the HAYAT Women’s Collective on this important day. The meeting will serve as an opportunity for the HAYAT Syrian Women’s Collective to reflect on their recently concluded programmatic efforts and the impacts, achievements, and lessons learned realized through their three community-based projects targeting root causes of local insecurities, needs, and challenges.  The meeting will bring together a wide range of local and international civil society leaders, governmental officials, INGO representatives, academics, and activists for a lively opportunity for learning and discussion around important issue areas affecting Syrian refugees in Istanbul, Turkey.

During this third Community Network Meeting, members of the HAYAT Syrian Women’s Collective’s three project teams will present and discuss their programmatic efforts and achievements from project Phases 1, 2, and 3, wherein they have worked in three teams to design and implement unique, community-based projects centered around the project’s three core focus areas that have been identified as key drivers of violent extremism and social insecurities on the ground through an initial needs assessment. Experiences, achievements, impacts, and lessons learned will be highlighted and discussed during the meeting, and each HAYAT project team will answer questions from guests attending both in-person and online. Additionally, the meeting will include discussion among all participants with a focus on the three focus areas that HAYAT addressed through their women-led initiatives: 1) Psychosocial Support and Mental Health, 2) Online Radicalisation and Disinformation, and 3) Hate Speech and Discrimination.

To register for this event in person or online, please sign up

Please note that in-person attendance is limited, once capacity is exceeded registration will close (Zoom link will be shared by ARDI Following Sign-Up

The Community Network Meeting will be hosted in Arabic (with Turkish translation support for those who need it), and English translation will be provided via Zoom for online guests. Please note that due to security-related restrictions, this is not a public meeting and while we very much welcome the presence of additional guests, we kindly request that they complete the registration form prior to attending. For in-person guests, the meeting will be conducted in adherence to all COVID-19 health and safety requirements and precautions. Lastly, please note that this meeting will be recorded via Zoom, but the recording will not be shared publicly. Ahead of the meeting, we are happy to answer any specific questions. For more details or for technical support, please contact: katie@atlasrdi.com 


We look forward to welcoming you to our upcoming event!

Razan Shalab AlSham

Executive Director 


Katie Krueger

Co-Founder Director of Programs


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