Atlas Relief and Development International (ARDI) and the HAYAT Syrian Women’s Refugee Collective (HAYAT) and pleased to invite you to our inaugural Community Network Meeting, which will be the first of an ongoing series of meetings hosted by ARDI and HAYAT to discuss root-causes of social insecurities among Syrian refugee communities in Istanbul, Turkey and showcase women-led initiatives to address local needs and challenges.

ARDI, in partnership with the International Republican Insititute (IRI), is leading a three-phase project in Istanbul, Turkey that is centered around empowering and building the capacities of Syrian refugee women through an innovative range of activities that have been co-designed and led by a passionate and dedicated collective women of diverse backgrounds. Across the project, ARDI and HAYAT will be hosting three Community Network Meetings to provide the opportunity for the members of the HAYAT Syrian refugee Women’s Collective to share the unique activities they are leading to address three core areas of importance that were identified as issues that exacerbate insecurity among refugee communities in Istanbul. Through joint HAYAT initiatives and individual HAYAT project team efforts to lead small project activities in the ground, the following key needs and challenges are being tackled through this project: 1) Psychosocial Support and Mental Health, 2) Online Radicalisation and Disinformation, and 3) Hate Speech and Discrimination.

During our initial Community Networking Meeting, the members of the HAYAT Syrian Refugee Women’s Collective will present and discuss their programmatic efforts and achievements from Phase 1 of the project, wherein they led a range of impactful activities that included: Data collection and development of policy recommendations centered around experiences, needs, and challenges of Syrian refugees in Istanbul; developed a resource tool helping connect Syrian refugees with available resources and services available in Istanbul; designed and hosted a range of thematic webinars, awareness-raising interviews, and a photography contest aimed at amplifying the voices, experiences, and vantage points of diverse Syrians living in Istanbul; worked in small teams to design community-based projects centered around the project’s three core focus areas that will be funded/supported by ARDI during Phase 2 of the project.

In addition to shedding light on the HAYAT-led activities, the meeting will include opportunities for active discussion among the HAYAT members and our distinguished guests around the project’s three thematic focus areas relevant to the experiences, needs, and challenges of Syrians in Istanbul. The meeting will serve as a unique opportunity to network with a wide range of attendees from the local and international community, including: Civil society leaders, local activists, governmental officials, international organizational representatives, academics, and members of the media.

The Community Network Meeting will be hosted in Arabic and English, with simultaneous translation provided during the session. Please note that due to security-related restrictions, this is not a public meeting and while we very much welcome the presence of additional guests, we kindly request that they connect with ARDI ahead of the meeting to confirm their attendance. Lastly, please note that this meeting will be recorded via Zoom, but the recording will not be shared publicly. Ahead of the meeting, we are happy to answer any specific questions. For more details or for technical support, please contact:

ARDI and the HAYAT Syrian Refugee Women’s Collective look forward to connecting with you on May 26th for an interesting meeting centered around learning, fruitful discussion, and fostering cross-sectoral connections with stakeholders focused on supporting and collaborating with the Syrian refugee community of Istanbul.

Most sincerely,

Razan Shalab AlSham

Director of ARDI

Katie Krueger

Director of Programs

Omar Tenbakji

Chief of Party – Turkey


Jul 02 2021


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Atlas Relief & Development International