It is with tremendous sadness and urgency that ARDI amplifies the importance of responding rapidly to the aftermath of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that has severely impacted Southern Turkey and Northern Syria. The quake has left thousands killed, countless people still buried under rubble and injured, and many uncounted for as the community works tirelessly to respond to this humanitarian emergency. Alongside humanitarian organizations respond directly with life-saving support, ARDI is standing ready to provide essential resources, including blankets and tents, food and water, warm clothing, baby and child resources, feminine hygiene materials, and other essentials to those directly impacted.Consider donating via ARDI's donation link and 100% of all received donations during this period will be transparently utilized to respond to the most urgent needs of people impacted by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey. ARDI will be working through our long-established local networks of organizations and community leaders in both Turkey and Syria to ensure all funds and resources are distributed in areas and among communities with the most severe, under-served needs. Every donation can make a life-saving impact during this critical time!We thank everyone for your attention, concern, and efforts to spread awareness and respond to the aftermath of this critical natural disaster!