Crafting for Integration : A local Berlin pilot project led by ARDI e.V. fostering creativity, female entrepreneurship and cross-cultural integration among Syrian and Ukranian refugee women in the artistic Berlin host community Atlas Relief and Development International -ARDI e.V. funded by “Auf Augenhöhe” through House of Resources Berlin is pleased to announce its upcoming crafting and small business management project “Crafting for Integration''. This initiative seeks to support the increase of social integration measures, creative skill development, and entrepreneurship within the female creative environment in Berlin through the implementation of craft training and dialogue sessions. The event will be held on June 16th, June 17th and July 2nd 2023 in partnership with Selfmade Berlin and “Nowkoelln Flowmarkt”, with the expectation of a total of 50 participants and three local female makers. The first three hours of the project focuses on connecting the two key refugee communities to Berlin’s creative community of artists and makers. Three local female trainers specializing in slow-fashion crafting will train the refugees through one self-selected technical handcraft in either 1) lingerie sewing 2) crocheting of necklaces 3) or macrame art. Following the crafting session, a three hour dialogue session will be held by the trainers and a job market mediator focusing on small business establishment, retail management and guidance on available support programs and resources in Berlin. Two weeks after the crafting and dialogue session on July 2nd, ARDI will rent two market stands at the “Nowkoelln Flowmarkt” in Neukölln for all female beneficiaries to sell their handmade goods. All capital gains will be donated to one Ukrainian and one Syrian local charity selected by the project participants. This market-sale-focused activity is intended to introduce the participants to networking and creative opportunities in Berlin while supporting a refugee-centered cause. Creative Berlin women from Syrian, Ukrainian, and German backgrounds are welcomed to sign up for participation consideration by visiting ARDI’s website via . Visit ARDI’s website to learn more about the organization's efforts to empower diverse communities affected by conflict to shape and participate in the peaceful, inclusive, rights-based, and secure futures they envision.