ARDI is guided by the mission to empowering civilians and locally-led organizations with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to actively shape and participate in a peaceful and democratic future for all – with emphasis on supporting, empowering, and capacitating vulnerable and displaced populations, minority and hard-to-reach groups, and women, men, girls, and boys in conflict-affected areas around the world.

We have extensive experience working to empower and capacitate diverse Syrian civilians and community both within Syria and around the world, to ensure their genuine voices are amplified, they are capacitated to locally address their most pressing-self identified needs and challenges, and they are empowered to take on leadership roles within the civil society and political sphere – with emphasis on ensuring women and minorities are inclusively represented at all levels.

Our efforts to support Syrian individuals, communities, and local organizations include:

  • Capacitating and empowering Syrian civilians and local organizations working across Syria, including difficult to reach areas.
  • Supporting refugees who are displaced and living in Europe.

We are passionate about working locally using an integrated, multisectoral approach that links efforts cross the civil society, political sphere, educational space, security sector and social environment to achieve improved outcomes. ARDI understands that our efforts cannot be successful without involving diverse local voices and perspectives. We work closely with diverse local partners – the voices and gatekeepers of their communities – across many sectors to ensure local input, leadership, and ownership of all activities to increase sustainability and meaningful positive impact at all levels.


With extensive expertise in capacity building, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation, gender integration, and social inclusion, ARDI is dedicated to enhancing the capacity of civil leaders, women, youth, and ethnic and religious minorities in order to enable them to  increase their communities’ wellbeing, resilience, security, and empowerment.

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